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PCS Security Services, Inc.
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PCS Security Services, Inc.

PCS's own in-house Security Services Firm

Cut through the red tape with PCS Security Services

Adding value and saving time every step of the way. A key component of PCS's total logistics service is PCS's in-house brokerage services. PCS has a direct link with the United Kingdom. Customs Service Automated Commercial System through direct electronic transmission of entry data via the Automated Broker Interface module.

Whether your shipment originates overseas or here in the USA, it remains in PCS's hands.

With PCS Security Services offices in New York, Miami and Los Angeles we cover all of the bases for your imports. Let our ePCSs help you with:

  • RLF (Remote Location Filing): We can file entry in any port regardless of arrival location!
  • Wheels Up Pre-Filing: For time sensitive shipments, we begin the clearance process as soon as the package is in transit. We will have your shipment cleared before it even arrives.
  • Section 321 ACE / AMS Air Manifesting: An expedited cost effective way of clearing e-commerce imports through US Customs & Border Protection utilizing section 321 of the import regulations.
  • Formal Entries
  • Quota Processing
  • Carnets: Same Day, Rush and Express
  • In-Bond Transfers:Immediate Transportation, Immediate Exportation, Transportation and Exportation
  • Processing by U.S. Government Agencies: Fish and Wildlife Service, Food and Drug Administration, U.S. Department of Agriculture
  • New York, Miami and Los Angeles Import Specialist Binding Rulings
  • Up to Date with ACE and PGA Deployments

    Security Services Solutions for E-Commerce

    Section 321 ACE / AMS Air Manifesting with PCS

    An expedited cost effective way of clearing e-commerce imports through US Customs & Border Protection utilizing section 321 of the import regulations.

    PCS Security Services provides a single step clearance process for both the e-commerce shipping industry and the courier express environment. You will benefit tremendously from our electronic proprietary ACE/AMS manifesting system that utilizes the US section 321 duty free clearance provision.

    This service is offered thru our express consignment courier/hub clearance facilities, and thru air freight cargo via our CFS (Container Freight Station) and Bonded Warehouse facilities.

    ACE manifesting under Section 321 is designed for both Express Consignment Carriers and Non Express Consignment Carriers for the duty free entry treatment of articles valued at $800 or less, if imported by one person on one day. Movement is required on Individual house airway bills, electronically mapped to the master airway bill transmitted on that same day. The purpose of this provision is to minimize expense and inconvenience to the Government and to disproportionate the revenue that is collected. This program has been expanded to include the entry of textile articles, quota items and certain products regulated by the FDA.

    PCS Security Services, Inc. is a fully certified U.S Customs Broker.

    Let us put our ePCSise to work for you.

    Bosting C-TPAT and NCBFAA certifications, we have the ePCSise that you can trust.

    We have fully licensed Customs Brokers strategically located in key ports of entry: New York, Miami and Los Angeles.

    • Miami Security Services, New York Security Services, Los Angeles Security Services

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