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PCS, Eng. Delivering Solutions

PCS's suite of services are as vast as your business needs.

Spanning On-Demand Special Services, Courier Services, Customs Brokerage, Express Freight, and Mail Products and Services, PCS represents your total, customizable, door-to-door delivery resource.

Global Courier Services

PCS Courier Services offer the flexibility, dependability, and speed to help you beat any deadline. Read More

PCS's flexible approach to total delivery solutions has become the plan of choice for industry-leading companies throughout the business world.

Cargo Solutions

Land, sea, or air PCS Cargo makes personalized logistics solutions affordable. Read More

PCS Mail Plus

PCS Mail handles the complexities of global business mailing for you enabling you to save time and money. Read More

E-Commerce Solutions

Offering international and domestic USA E-commerce services, we design a customized global shipping and small parcel program that fits your business as well as your budget.

PCS Customs Brokerage

Find out how PCS vast knowledge of domestic and foreign Customs Brokerage can make the critical difference when the clock is ticking. Read More

PCS offers a complete one-stop shipping solution. We even maintain our own ECCF and HUB facilities.


ZipX Package Express Services make online shopping easier than ever before. We provide you with a US or European address and then we deliver your packages to you for an expedited and worry free shopping experience.

From Fashion to Film, and Printing to Entertainment, PCS has satisfied thousands of customers from industries all over the business map and the globe. Find out how our personalized solutions can fulfill your unique business needs.

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Our expert customer service team is available 24/7 to provide up-to-date delivery information and inventory control.
Strategic locations at major global gateways, including New York, Miami, Boston, Los Angeles, Paris, London, Asia and African.
Processing more than 50 million pieces of international mail and small packages every year, both at home and abroad.
With nearly 4 decades of experience as a logistics provider,Xpert is the expert's choice for efficient and cost effective global transports.